Weekly Favorites // untamed

From Kelly: “Children loose and unhindered, exploring their surroundings, stuck in contemplation… these are some of my very favorite moments captured in any photograph. The Untamed submissions last week certainly did not disappoint. I love each of these shots for the raw and free qualities frozen in each one, and the calm and wonder they make me feel. Congratulations to all the winners!”


10289842_311706392316378_4364171513169049311_nMankin Photography

Top 10 

10272584_475566745907498_7834543534998009430_oDanielle Trovato Photography

10014827_571969726252130_6404076382234996527_oAimee T. McNamee Photography

10264102_246975932161562_541119687775463081_oAisling Images

10258630_731883793500983_3071046953992898366_oAnnie Otzen Photography

1614280_10152437727352392_5044146396937578785_oBelinda Fontes Photography

135469_863339387013054_2389215681844686802_oPhotographs by Tara

10298178_10152147737872717_4267920410356357643_oAntonieta Esis Photography


White Salt Photography

1396777_643357845627_2402780167278308526_oJune Star Photography {by Heather Solima}

10321736_703954432980316_6390494743443776465_oCara Roner Photography

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated! A very special thank you to Kelly of Kelly Sweda Photography for being our judge, it was an honor to have you and your picks are wonderful! This week’s theme is “childhood”, with the lovely and talented lifestyle photographer Antonieta Esis of Anonieta Esis Photography as our guest judge! Be sure to head over to her page and show her some love, her work is honest and refreshing. We can’t wait to see what you submit! Be sure to check back next Monday to see if you made the top 10!


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